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Nova vs Sinestro by WOLFBLADE111 Nova vs Sinestro :iconwolfblade111:WOLFBLADE111 6 7
Pedo On The Loose.
Heads up folks. Turns out someone by the name of Manglenn is back and is a For real Pedo. Spread the Journal Above around and make sure to block him.
:iconwolfblade111:WOLFBLADE111 3 20
Avenging Digidestined: The Leaders by WOLFBLADE111 Avenging Digidestined: The Leaders :iconwolfblade111:WOLFBLADE111 15 11 Avenging Digidestined: The Thunder Gods by WOLFBLADE111 Avenging Digidestined: The Thunder Gods :iconwolfblade111:WOLFBLADE111 15 18 There's a Disturbance In The Force by WOLFBLADE111 There's a Disturbance In The Force :iconwolfblade111:WOLFBLADE111 24 31 Yet To Be Named House in Minecraft. by WOLFBLADE111 Yet To Be Named House in Minecraft. :iconwolfblade111:WOLFBLADE111 10 13 Batmech vs Xeno Queen by WOLFBLADE111 Batmech vs Xeno Queen :iconwolfblade111:WOLFBLADE111 14 12 The Heroes and Their Princesses by WOLFBLADE111 The Heroes and Their Princesses :iconwolfblade111:WOLFBLADE111 30 17 How to Manage a Group by WOLFBLADE111 How to Manage a Group :iconwolfblade111:WOLFBLADE111 9 8 The Balance Bringer. by WOLFBLADE111 The Balance Bringer. :iconwolfblade111:WOLFBLADE111 24 46 Avenging Digidestined: The Sword and The Shield. by WOLFBLADE111 Avenging Digidestined: The Sword and The Shield. :iconwolfblade111:WOLFBLADE111 24 13 Vice and Raiden by WOLFBLADE111 Vice and Raiden :iconwolfblade111:WOLFBLADE111 18 29 Vice Is a Scary MOFO by WOLFBLADE111 Vice Is a Scary MOFO :iconwolfblade111:WOLFBLADE111 9 10 Oh Captain My Captains by WOLFBLADE111 Oh Captain My Captains :iconwolfblade111:WOLFBLADE111 26 34 Wolf Blade by WOLFBLADE111 Wolf Blade :iconwolfblade111:WOLFBLADE111 35 39 The King of Skies vs The King of Mountains by WOLFBLADE111 The King of Skies vs The King of Mountains :iconwolfblade111:WOLFBLADE111 27 9
Pairings/OTPs I ship. (WIP.)

Avengers Stamp - Captain America by The-GreenGoblin x Black Widow Stamp Avengers Movie by CupcakeAttack85
Romanogers Forever! :heart:
Sm Gf by SamThePenetrator x WW Ame-Comi by SamThePenetrator
SMxWW Forever! :heart:
Broly Stamp 22 by Evil-Black-Sparx-77x Scarlet Witch Stamp by SenaIzumi
The Legendary Witch. :heart:
(A Crossover Ship I Created.)
Deathstroke stamp by BriskGoddessx Marvel Cover Art Mockingbird Stamp by dA--bogeyman
The Assassin and The Agent. :heart:
(Another Crossover Ship I Created.)
Sora by Ellexonx Kairi by Ellexon
SoKai Forever! :heart:
Stamp: Uzumaki Naruto by sirbartonsladyx Stamp: Haruno Sakura by sirbartonslady
NaruSaku Shipper. :heart:
Boruto stamp by TaffySummer6ixteenx Sarada Stamp by Pinky19295
BoruSara Shipper. :heart:
Future Trunks Fan Stamp by xavs-stampsx Power Girl Stamp by childofwhitestorm
Dystopian Warriors :heart:
(Another Crossover Ship I Created.)
Raphael 2012 stamp by SA948-Stampsx Tmnt 2012 April Stamp by XxMoonlight-1-WishxX
Raphril Forever! :heart:
Leonardo 2012 stamp by SA948-Stampsx TMNT 2012 Karai Miwa- Stamp by XxMoonlight-1-WishxX
Leorai Forever! :heart:
Shadow 2011 stamp by SA948-Stampsx X-23 Laura Kinney X-Men Stamp by dA--bogeyman
ShadX23 :heart:
(Another Crossover Pair I Came Up With.)
Stamp: Halo 3 Fan by Nawamanex Samus Aran Stamp by Ultrathefox
MasterAran :heart:
Wolverine by Stampernautx Storm Stamp by Vaki02
The Goddess & The Feral Beast. :heart:
Sub Zero stamp by kage58x Once Upon A Time Stamp: Elsa by FlyingPrincess
The Cool Couple :heart:
Scorpion X  stamp by SamThePenetratorx Mileena stamp  #02 by Weskervit789
The Hellish Couple :heart:
Zero Stamp by Morshutex Taki Stamp by CelestialZodiac
The Mavrick Hunter and Huntress :heart:
(Another Crossover Couple I Made.)
Ichigo Stamp by XSatsujinXx Harribel Stamp 2 of 5 by Count-Urbonov
The Hollow and The Arrancor :heart:
Undertale Stamp: Sans the skeleton by alpakamix Toriel Fan Stamp by JetBlackDragon15
The Skeleton and The Goat Mom :heart:
Natsu Dragneel Stamp by KittyJewelpet78x Erza Scarlet Stamp by KittyJewelpet78
The Dragon and The Knight :heart:
Thor stamp by Athena-Tivnanx MARVEL Sif Stamp by TwilightProwler
ThorxSif :heart:
Ironfist by little-biarcex Jade stamp by Weskervit789
The Immortal Fist & The Emerald Assassin
(Yet another Crossover Pair I Created.)
The Flash by AnaFrostx Shayera from opening by AnaFrost
The Speedster and The Hawk :heart:
Batman Lighting Stamp by DaRk-Stampsx Catwoman Stamp 1 by Calaval
The Bat & The Cat :heart:
The Thing Stamp by ninja-doodlerx The Invisible Woman Stamp by ninja-doodler
The InvisiThing :heart:
Dante Stamp by SilentImageryx Bayonetta stamp by SamThePenetrator
The Devil and The Witch :heart:
Sm4sh Link Victory Pose 1 by Meowstic9129x:thumb651276682:
MidLink Forever!!! :heart:
Venom Stamp by vampire-genocidex The Huntress by AnaFrost
The LethalHuntress :heart:
(Yet another crossover pair I made up.)
Jin Stamp by SamThePenetratorx Nina Stamp by SamThePenetrator
The Devil & Assassin :heart:
Rengar  Stamp Lol by SamThePenetratorx Nidalee Headhunter  Stamp Lol by SamThePenetrator
The Hunter and Huntress :heart:
Overwatch Soldier76 by SamThePenetratorx Overwatch Mercy by SamThePenetrator
Mercy76 :heart:
Vanoss Gaming stamp. (New icon) by TailypoArtistx I love Zoei Stamp: L4D by KikiLime
The Owl Tuber & The Zombie Survivor :heart:
(Blame a certain Video of his he posted one day.)
Beast Boy Stamp by SkyeStampsx Raven Stamp by SkyeStamps
BBxRAE!!!! :heart:
The Flash - Stamp by gigantomanischx Killer Frost by DennyVuQuach
FlashFrost :heart:
Hope Stamp by o0Hikari0ox Light-san Stamp by o0Hikari0o
Hopeful Lightning :heart:
Lucario by Kibokux Sakuyamon by Marlenesstamps
LucarSakuya Shipper :heart:
(Yet again Another Crossover ship I made.)
Renamon by Marlenesstampsx Guilmon by Marlenesstamps
RenaGuil Shipper :heart:
Zwei Stamp by CelestialZodiacx Viola Stamp by CelestialZodiac
The Werewolf & The Sorceress :heart:
Harry Potter - Harry Fan by phoenixtsukinox Harry Potter - Hermione Fan by phoenixtsukino
Harmony Forever! :heart:
Stamp: HS Nariko v2 by BabysMotherx Altair stamp by WhiteDevil350
The Heavenly Warrior & The Assassin :heart:
(I saw some fanart of these two once and well...yeah XD.)
Edward Kenway stamp by WhiteDevil350x AC4 Mary Read Stamp by mizukimarie
The Pirate and The Lady :heart:
(Come on it should have happened.)
RE6 Mercs Costume Stamp Jake by mizukimariex RE6 Mercs Costume Stamp Sherry by mizukimarie
JakexSherry Forever :heart:
chris spreads the disease by HavokPandax jill spreads the disease by HavokPanda
Valenfield Forever :heart:
Leon Kennedy by HeOmaismx Helena harper stamp by Weskervit789
Leon & Helena :heart:
Guardians of the Galaxy Stamp - Groot by Black2WhiteMysteryx DC: Batman: Poison Ivy Stamp by Vanilla-Wicked
I Am PoisonxGroot :heart:
Deadpool stamp by Lora-Pedigreex IGaU Harley Quinn stamp 5 by EvilMaybe
Crazy Psycho Love :heart:
Guardians of the Galaxy Stamp - Star-Lord by Black2WhiteMysteryx Guardians of the Galaxy Stamp - Gamora by Black2WhiteMystery
Quilmora :heart:
Ryu Hyabusa - I'm a Fighter Stamp by SnowTheWinterKitsunex Momiji - I'm A Fighter Stamp by SnowTheWinterKitsune
The Dragon & The Maiden :heart:
SFV hot Ryu  stamp by SamThePenetratorx Street Fighter V Chun Li Stamp by GameAndWill
The Wandering Dragon & The Interpol Agent :heart:
Ike Returns Stamp by GameAndWillx Zelda Returns to Smash Bros Stamp by GameAndWill
The Knight & The Princess :heart:
Vegetto by Camilathemewx Super Smash Bros Wii U Stamp Series : Palutena by Kevfin
The Ultimate Fusion Warrior & The Goddess :heart:
Overwatch Reaper by SamThePenetratorx Han Juri Stamp by Zaira-Karanfil
The Reaper & The Psycho Fighter :heart:
Luffy Stamp by Ibu-kix nico robin stamp by ashleighvestia
The Pirate Captain & The Archaeologist :heart:
Stamp Pegasus Seiya by GueparddeFeux Stamp Ophiuchus Shaina by GueparddeFeu
Athena's Champion & The Scorpion :heart:
Spiderman Stamp by FireMaster92x MARVEL Gwen Stacy Stamp by TwilightProwler
First Love :heart:
Connor Stamp by Knightmare-Moonx Aveline Stamp by Knightmare-Moon
The Assassins :heart:
SSJ4 by desz19x Sailor Moon Crystal Henshin Stamp by uiopuiop
The Saiyan & The Moon Princess :heart:
Gohan Power Up Stamp by ice-firex Ino - Stamp by FoxesAndCherries
The Saiyan Hero & The Kunoichi :heart:
(You get the idea by now. XD)
Yoshimitsu Stamp by SamThePenetratorx Kunimitsu Stamp by SamThePenetrator
The Samurai & The Kunoichi :heart:
Super Smash Bros Wii U Stamp Series - Fox McCloud by Kevfinx Krystal Stamp by KittyJewelpet78
The Fox & The Krystal :heart:
[SSB4] Sonic's Victory Pose Stamp 2 by Fastmonx Sally Acorn Stamp by migueruchan
Sonally Forever! :heart:
Jon Talbain Stamp by Mintaka-TKx Felicia Stamp by Mintaka-TK
The Werewolf & The Werecat :heart:
Lars Stamp by FelesTacitax Leo Stamp by vdaymassacre
The Lion & His Lioness :heart:
Vanitas by Ellexonx Xion by Ellexon
A Dark Copy & A Nobody :heart:
Terra by Ellexonx Aqua by Ellexon
Of Earth & Water. :heart:
Roxas by Ellexonx Namine by Ellexon
Nobodies. :heart:
Yuusei Fudo Stamp by Bayleef-x Aki Izayoi Stamp by Bayleef-
The Dragon & The Rose.
DP Transformation Stamp by ecokittyx Sam Manson Stamp by Reddy-Phantom
The Ghost & The Goth :heart:
Ron Stoppable Stamp by KittyJewelpet78x Kim Possible Stamp by KittyJewelpet78
Secret Agent Love :heart:
Raiden stamp by WhiteDevil350x Helena Douglas stamp 3 by WhiteDevil350
The Cyborg & The Beauty :heart:
Raiden Stamp by RayMcCall-ErronBlackx Ashrah Fan by Kibikayuki
The God of Thunder & His Goddess. :heart:
Ventus Stamp by Thanysax The Last of Us - Ellie Stamp by Miss--Valentine
The Lost Keyblader & The Last Survivor :heart:
The Last of Us - Joel Stamp by Miss--Valentinex The Last of Us - Tess Stamp by Miss--Valentine
The Survivors :heart:
One Punch Man Stamp 1 by katnel88x Senritsu No Tatsumaki stamp by xIbukiGoth
Caped Baldy & The Gravity Mistress :heart:
Genos-uke by Subarashi-soulx Asami Sato Stamp by Ashidanza
The Cyborg & The Engineer :heart:
Borderlands 2 Stamp - Zero by mentalmarsx Borderlands 2 Stamp - Maya by mentalmars
The Silent Killer & The Siren :heart:
stamp: Ares ~Short Hair by StephDragonnessx Xena: Warrior Princess Stamp by depp
The God of War & The Goddess of War :heart:
Jacky Bryant stamp by WhiteDevil350x Vanessa Lewis stamp by WhiteDevil350
The Fighters :heart:
Beat ssj Stamp by Metamine10x Note ssj Stamp by Metamine10
Young Saiyan Love :heart:
Kakashi Stamp by Cloudemyxx Kurenai Stamp by NarutoSecretHope
The Sharigan Users :heart:
Gravity Falls Stamps : Dipper Pines by VelociPRATTorx Gravity Falls Stamps : Wendy Corduroy by VelociPRATTor
Piper & Wendy :heart:
Ben Fan-Stamp by edelricrulesx Gwen Fan Stamp by KleeAStrange
Forbidden Love :heart:
(Turns out when the show was being made these two were originally gonna be not related. So I ship them with that idea in mind.)
Shingeki no Kyojin Eren Stamp by LaraLeeLx Shingeki no Kyojin Annie Stamp by LaraLeeL
The Titanshifters :heart:
Ash Ketchum by Cathines-Stampsx Pokemon Serena Fan Stamp by Wildcat1999
Amourshipper Til The End :heart: :heart: :heart:
super vegeta stamp by Dbzbabex Bulma by Camilathemew
Vegebul Shipper :heart: :heart: :heart:


Kagura on hoverboard above Tokyo by ArthurAdler Kagura on hoverboard above Tokyo :iconarthuradler:ArthurAdler 1 0 The Respectful Friendship by KeybladeMagicDan The Respectful Friendship :iconkeyblademagicdan:KeybladeMagicDan 2 10 jacksepticeye | sims 3 by RPGlinXx jacksepticeye | sims 3 :iconrpglinxx:RPGlinXx 14 19 Markiplier | sims 3 by RPGlinXx Markiplier | sims 3 :iconrpglinxx:RPGlinXx 3 8 Poster Gohan dbs by jaredsongohan Poster Gohan dbs :iconjaredsongohan:jaredsongohan 31 5 Goku pose de Ataque dbs by jaredsongohan Goku pose de Ataque dbs :iconjaredsongohan:jaredsongohan 26 9 DBM -1330 Hatchiyack by HomolaGabor DBM -1330 Hatchiyack :iconhomolagabor:HomolaGabor 22 6
My Detective Waluigi story series
Well, this is a new series a plan to do... whenever I want really XDD If you couldn't tell by the title, this series is based around Waluigi becoming a detective and solving crimes, investigating paranormal activities and hunting creatures and unknown entities that have been cauing trouble. As for how on earth these stories can take place, they all happen in my crossover verse that will be formed in my Broly in Marvel/Vice-Verse series. 
I'll write any of these stroies in pretty much any order, as the order doesnt really matter, the only ones that will be done in order are the ones that are connected to each other (example, the FNAF series will be written in order).
Now I'll tell you how I've catagoried them. I've split them into FNAF based stories, game based stories and movie based stories (The reason FNAF and games are not in the same section is because there are so much FNAF ones I had to put them by themselves. Also, all the FNAF stories are in order
:iconjack-dev99:Jack-Dev99 2 8
Mortala, Goddess of Death by Jack-Dev99 Mortala, Goddess of Death :iconjack-dev99:Jack-Dev99 3 4 Victor by Victor0822 Victor :iconvictor0822:Victor0822 12 4 Justice League of Amazons by Lightstroke94 Justice League of Amazons :iconlightstroke94:Lightstroke94 52 2 Alice clones by Arcker95
Mature content
Alice clones :iconarcker95:Arcker95 42 3
Afternoon Sugar by PhilosophyFetish
Mature content
Afternoon Sugar :iconphilosophyfetish:PhilosophyFetish 19 4
Ambush by AmazingArtistYellow Ambush :iconamazingartistyellow:AmazingArtistYellow 3,344 163 (RELEASE) ELIZA TK7 - UPDATE by huchi001 (RELEASE) ELIZA TK7 - UPDATE :iconhuchi001:huchi001 53 15 Links by Okarinrentarou Links :iconokarinrentarou:Okarinrentarou 56 2


WOLFBLADE111 has started a donation pool!
2 / 999,999,999
Feel free to Donate points if you wish or if you like what you see. I mainly want points for a few different reasons.

1: To Give to My Friends or those who need em more than I do.

2: To get a Core Membership and if possible a Lifetime one. XD

3: To Be able to Pay for Fan Buttons. XD

& 4: Uh....because 4 comes after 3? lol

+ Llama Stamp by Khrinx Stamp - I want Llamas by LitaOliveira Stamp - llama for llama by LitaOliveira
Comic Stamp by LadyIlona1984 Sun of the sleepless by SirvanaRachana Anti Yaoi Stamp by La-Mishi-Mish I Don't Get Yaoi by genkistamps MPreg is Vile by genkistamps Yaoi Is Not Stamp -read desc.- by Spikytastic Oh the irony by EpicStamps Stamp: I do not take fetish requests by William6208 Stamp: 'Die for Our Ship' is a stupid attitude by William6208 I HATE YAOI! by GlitterStarChar Yes i'm a ..... by wLadyB91 pervert stamp by cbaby167

Mature Content

Boobies stamp by Funeral-Of-Joy
I Will Not Condone a Dangerous Paraphilia by Mintaka-TK ''LOOK AT MAH CUUUUUUURVES'' by Mintaka-TK Demonising Cops and White People is Okay!!1!ONE1 by Mintaka-TK The Lives Of Cops Matter Too by Mintaka-TK I Love Hot moms stamp by Area-44 Daily... by prosaix Men Like Boobs Stamp by halofarm Animated Boobs Stamp by TheMan268 Real feminists stamp by BlueDragonKaiser Marvel: Avengers: Steve x Natasha 04 by Vulpixi-Stamps Colosseumshipping by Vulpixi-Stamps AmourShipping stamp by SA948-Stamps Superman x Wonder Woman stamp by Weskervit789 sm x ww stamp by Soraya-Mendez Jurassic World: Owen/Claire by Nerd-Artist23 Sonally stamp by Peachytheyoungrabbit Disturbed Stamp by Kezzi-Rose five finger death punch stamp by Tuerie Avenged Sevenfold Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Killswitch Engage Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Nickelback Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Blue Stahli Stamp by Araktugage Celldweller Stamp by dazza1008 Amon amarth by old-mc-donald Manowar by old-mc-donald Rob Zombie Stamp by freakenstein1313 Tattered and Torn by freakenstein1313 a perfect circle by gigidelagaze Stamp: Motley Crue by no-more-refills Metallica Stamp by ZeKRoBzS :Stamp:Skillet by blackmoongirl Sabaton (1) by AngelsOfEmpathy Metal Divas Stamp by 4u64ica Lacuna Coil Fan Stamp by Silver-Dew-Drop not perfect by Colliequest Anti Septiplier Stamp Version 1 by RoseOfTheNight4444 Pro-Septiishu by RoseOfTheNight4444 TMNT 2012 Stamp: I Ship Leo x Karai by TMNT-Raph-fan SpikexRarity Stamp by inkypaws-productions Helena and Leon Stamp by UltimaArrow Harmony stamp 1 by AcidicSubstance Link x Midna Stamp by PrincessZelda2 Stamp: Jem and Holograms by kinga-saiyans Jem and the holograms stamp by chat-noir JinxNina - Stamp ver.2 by Tekkenka Sora x Kairi Stamp by yourlittleangel112 Narusaku stamp by migueruchan Vanoss Gaming stamp. (New icon) by TailypoArtist h2o delirious stamp by oiimi Moo stamp by Stamps-ForWhoWant I AM WILDCAT stamp by Stamps-ForWhoWant Nogla stamp by Stamps-ForWhoWant Mini Land stamp by Stamps-ForWhoWant I Support Markiplier Stamp by Oreleth I Support Jacksepticeye Stamp by Oreleth ChilledChaos stamp by Fluffydragonpuppy Stamp: Whats bad so bad by Riza-Izumi Mpreg Stamp by lady-warrior Anti Yaoi Stamp by lady-warrior Anti-yoai stamp by Ghostwalker2061 Say No to Drugs... by Ghostwalker2061 ANTI- SJW Stamp by Yo-Snap2 WE ALL MATTER. by World-Hero21 This should also be a no-brainer. by World-Hero21 Keep Your Toxic Ideology Out Of My Community! by Mintaka-TK Anti-TPP by LadyIlona1984 Hypo Rex Stamp by Kelskora

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Nova vs Sinestro
The Nova Model Belongs to :iconjetsetradioremixsega:

The Sinestro Model Belongs to :iconmrunclebingo:

The Energy Affect Belongs to :iconrolance:

The Skydome Belongs to :iconwakind:

The Stage Belongs to :iconssingh511:


So I was playing some UMVC3 earlier and as I was fighting as Nova I ended up getting the idea for this pic. Nova of The Nova Corp vs Sinestro of The Sinestro/Yellow Lantern Corps.

Safe to say Sinestro isn't doing to well. XD

Fave/Comment and have an awesome day everyone. :D :wave:


555 deviations…

Heads up folks. Turns out someone by the name of Manglenn is back and is a For real Pedo. Spread the Journal Above around and make sure to block him.


WOLFBLADE111's Profile Picture
Call Me Wolf.
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hello and Welcome to My Page, hope you like what you see and if you don't there's the Back Button.

My Personality:

I'm a rather nice guy, I kinda live by the "You be nice to me and I'll be nice to you." type of thing. I do have a bit of a temper and can at times be quick to anger if I feel like someone's trying to piss me off. Been trying to work on that. ^^; But overall I'm a nice guy. Also quick warning, I'm a bit of a perv. XD Nothing major or anything to worry about...I think. XD

Do I RolePlay? Answer: Yes. But I do have some Rules.

Rules of My RP's: No Weird Sex Fetishes...actually no fetishes in general. I also don't do Sex RP's of any kind. Also I don't always do them on the spot unless it's with friends and people I know.

If you follow these rules and or agree with me on them then we'll have a grand ole time. ^^


My Likes: Comic Books / Video Games / Anime / Movies / YouTube / My Friends and Family / Animals / Superheroes and Heroes in General / Cute Things / Nice People / Heavy Metal Music and Hard Rock /

My Dislikes: Pedos / Disgusting Perverts / Drugs (Unless their used for Health Reasons and Health Reasons Only.) / Drug Addicts / Smoking / Drinking / Gangs / Politics / Poachers / Child Abusers / Abusers of Women & Men & Children / Religious Zealots / Nazi's / Femnazi's / SJW's / Idiots and Stupid People / Yaoi, Yaoi and more Yaoi....I Utterly Despise Yaoi so if you ship Yaoi pairings then Get The F*** Off My Profile / Summer (The season...I hate heat.) (This list may grow in the future. XD)


Projects and Artworks I Work On.

I'm a guy who uses different Art-Programs as I'm someone who...well for lack of a better phrase, Can't draw worth Horse Crap. XD

Programs I Use Are: XNAlara/XPS (A Model Posing Program.) / Heromachine3 / MS Paint and from time to time DAMuro. I also use Character Creator games and such to help make my oc's.

As for what I make using them, I mostly make fanart, mainly crossover fanarts as well as pictures of my oc's. One of my bigger projects which isn't really taking off the ground due to little time to work on it is my crossover fanfiction The Guardians of Freedom. A team made up of characters from pretty much anything you can think of. Well Almost Anything. XD I plan on working on a sort of Beginners Guide to my stories so once I have expect a Link to Be Posted Here if you ever want to see it or feel free to ask me questions about it.

Anyways that's pretty much it about me. XD Let's move on to other things shall we. Down below you'll see a list of friends of mine that I recommend checking out. ^_^ Also be prepared to see a lot of stamps below them as well. XD I do mean a lot BTW.

So with That Have Fun and Have an Awesome Day Everyone. :D :wave:

~Wolf Blade~


Now Meet My Pack/Family.: (Highly recommend checking them out. :D)

:iconbryanthebomb: My Darkspawn Brother and My Trusted 2nd In-Command.
:iconxxtheswaggindragonxx: My Dragoness Sister With Swag of The Pack.
:iconderyn-huskyboi: My Anthro Macanic and Car Loving Brother.
:icongoldduststarwarrior5: My Sans-Tastic Sister.
:iconleafpsychospirit: My Warrior Cat Sister.
:iconredmange: My Fox Brother.
:icondreyar-syndrome: My Artistic & Anime Loving Brother.
:iconherogirl88: My Awesome Sister.
:iconsoraismyhomeboy: My Crazy Sister who no one knows how she's related to anyone. XD
:iconearthcenturion: My Awesome Brother whose Spiderman.
:iconvennyriz22: My Doggy Sister.
:iconcashregister9: A Friend of The Pack.
:icondb1993: Another Friend of The Pack.
:iconcerisbeech: My Dryad Cousin.
:iconre-juvenate: My Awesome Artistic Sister.
:icondarkellia: My Sister.
:iconstunsywow: My Batwolf Brother.
:iconkeyblademagicdan: My Brother in all things Nerdy.
:iconsonicbran23: My Brother.
:iconxskylarpawsx: My Little Cat Sister.
:iconnatalia-clark: My Healing And Caretaker Sister With a Big Heart.
:iconevil-black-sparx-77: My Mechanical Monkey Sister.
:iconivanwolf16: My Little Wolf Brother.
:iconsupersaiyani9000: My Dragon Ball Z and Fairy Tail Loving Brother.
:iconmvgaea: My Other Awesome Sister.
:iconryanthedarksider: My Warhammer Brother.
:icongreasy-lucarioyun: My Other Awesome Brother.
:icontheonephun211: My Insaiyan Brocaloid Brother.
:iconpokekid333: My Other Artistic Brother.
:iconren-okara: My Random Scythe Wielding Shapeshifter Angel Brother.
:iconchibifan7: My Battlemaster Brother.
:iconcy-bernetic: My Predacon Sister who works for The Brotherhood and Loves Dragons.
:iconredwingedduck: My Hockey Loving Sister.
:iconconrad2: My Nemesis Brother.
:iconmarkellbarnes360: My Wildcard of a Brother.
:iconjack-dev99: My Crazy Godlike Shapshifting Brother.
:iconsteeven7620: The Silent Poster Maker of The Pack.
:iconshizurou: The Other Friend of The Pack.
:iconmrvideo-vidman: The Render Maker of The Pack.
:icondigi-thesaiyan: My Multifandom Loving Brother.
:iconfail-seeker: My Big Bodyguard Werewolf Brother.
:iconvenomsorcerer: My Brother Who Always Challenges me for Title of Alpha.
:iconmaxtheboss2: My Other Awesome Brother.
:iconz-shock: My Fellow Guardian and Protector of The Universe and Brother in Arms.
:iconbuu-dbz: The Pack's Resident Majin.
:icongodofthechallenge: My Other Awesome Brother.
:iconshadowknight49: My Bladesman Brother.
:icondragongladi8or: My Funny Brother.
:iconice-wolfman-5567: My Cryomancer Wolf Brother,
:iconrvrwalker: The Cousin Who sits in The Corner at Family Reunions.
:iconcinnamoncremefox: My Artistic Fox Brother.
:icontexpool: My Other Awesome Cousin.
:iconjefimusprime: My Mighty Grizzly Brother and The Leader of P.R.O.T.E.C.H.T
:iconalphacrystal: My Mobian Crystal Gem Sister.
:iconcybermonkeylord: My Cybernetic Lord of Monkeys Brother.
:iconidkan447: My Little Saiyan Sister.
:iconmachodionysus14: My Badass Wolf Dragon Brother.
:iconthe-nemian-lion: My Nemian Lion Brother.
:iconzoeycoldcuts: My Awesome FNAF Sister.
:iconmurlocoverlord: My Great Critter Brother.
:iconlady-yautja: The Yautja and Animal Lover of The Pack.
:iconbb529: The Underdog of The Pack.
:iconpaladinporter: The 2nd Cousin of The Pack Alpha.
:icononefirefox220: My Trigger Happy Sister.
:iconmenslady125: The Guardian of The Pack.
:iconkaizerlagann1987: The Awesome Figure Collector of The Pack.
:icon77-swordstories: The Ally from The Bio-Matrix.
:iconneoduelgx: The Supportive one of The Pack.





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I had an idea. Basically i'm making a new character to be like a kind of Avatar you know what i mean. And i also wanted to draw your character alongside your favourite Yu-Gi-Oh monster. Same for me as well.
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Oh sweet sounds great. :D

Hmm my favorite monster would probably have to be Slifer The Skydragon.
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