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Dave or Wolf.
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So time for a little info about myself.

Not much to tell really. XD

I'm a huge Nerd if my page couldn't tell ya that lol. Comic Books / Video Games & Anime have been my biggest passion over the years along with Most things involving fantasy/fiction and such.

I'm also a fan of Dinosaurs/Kaiju and Dragons as well as Werewolves and most real and fantasy creatures...except Vampires...not a huge fan. XD

Personality wise I try to be a nice guy but there are times when I get into crabby moods and I end up turning into Mr Hyde, but I try to mean well.

As for what I'm here for well, I wanna make the biggest crossover fanfic ever made or at least make artwork depicting such a crossover varying from all of my interests to things from my childhood and such. ^^

Make friends is also a second goal of mine but I can end up being picky sometimes if someone sets off alarm bells in my head and gut. I tend to trust my gut even if I may be wrong but like they say better safe then sorry.

I'm also a little bit of a writer but I'm mostly an artist but expect to see some fanfics here and there that take place in my crossover universe called The Guardian-Verse, if your interested in knowing more here's a link to what it's about:…

Take note that I may end up making a new one in the future with more info and what not, think of it as a beginners guide of sorts. XD

Also my artwork is made using Renders and PNGS and Vectors, in other words it's basically a picture of a character with no background and so I'm able to put many different ones together to make posters or wallpapers. I do use other things to make artwork such as Character Creators to make my own oc's and what not so there's that and I'll also color linearts when I'm really bored. XD

BTW if your gonna tell me the same old "Why don't you just practice and you'll be able to actually draw." well lemme tell ya, not all of us have the patience nor the skill even with practice to draw anything okay so if your gonna waist both our time with that then F*** Off.

Anyway I also do RolePlays but I do have a few rules about them.

No Fetishes/Sex/Vore/Cuddling/Yaoi/ And Do NOT Take Control of My oc's during The Role Play and also I know some of you want to Role Play all the time But I don't always want to do it so ask me first and if I say no or not right now Don't Throw a Tantrum or you'll be Blocked.

So That's pretty much it for me. ^_^

Oh and sorry if my page breaks your computer. ^^; Nifty trick is to quickly scroll down to the bottom of the page and it seems to load quicker, dunno if that's just me but it's worth a try. ^-^

Now Meet My Pack/Family.: (Highly recommend checking them out. :D)

:iconbryanthebomb: My Darkspawn Brother and My Trusted 2nd In-Command.
:iconxxtheswaggindragonxx: My Dragoness Sister With Swag of The Pack.
:iconthunder-husky: My Anthro Macanic and Car Loving Brother.
:icongoldduststarwarrior5: My Sans-Tastic Sister.
:iconleafpsychospirit: My Warrior Cat Sister.
:iconsaiyan-valor: My Albino Saiyan Mercenary Brother.
:iconredmange: My Fox Brother.
:iconinfiniteshadowotaku: My Artistic & Anime Loving Brother.
:iconherogirl88: My Awesome Sister.
:iconsoraismyhomeboy: My Crazy Sister who no one knows how she's related to anyone. XD
:iconearthcenturion: My Awesome Brother whose Spiderman.
:iconvennyriz22: My Doggy Sister.
:iconcashregister9: A Friend of The Pack.
:icondb1993: Another Friend of The Pack.
:iconcerisbeech: My Dryad Cousin.
:iconre-juvenate: My Awesome Artistic Sister.
:icondarkellia: My Sister.
:iconstunsywow: My Batwolf Brother.
:iconkeyblademagicdan: My Brother in all things Nerdy.
:iconsonicbran23: My Brother.
:iconxskylarpawsx: My Little Cat Sister.
:iconnatalia-clark: My Healing And Caretaker Sister With a Big Heart.
:iconevil-black-sparx-77: My Mechanical Monkey Sister.
:iconivanwolf16: My Little Wolf Brother.
:iconsupersaiyani9000: My Dragon Ball Z and Fairy Tail Loving Brother.
:iconmvgaea: My Other Awesome Sister.
:iconryanthedarksider: My Warhammer Brother.
:icongreasy-lucarioyun: My Other Awesome Brother.
:icontheonephun211: My Insaiyan Brocaloid Brother.
:iconpokekid333: My Other Artistic Brother.
:iconren-okara: My Random Scythe Wielding Shapeshifter Angel Brother.
:iconchibifan7: My Battlemaster Brother.
:iconssjuzumakicole: My Shinobi Saiyan Brother whose also a Speed Demon.
:iconxx-chaoticchaos-xx: My Predacon Sister who works for The Brotherhood and Loves Dragons.
:iconxx-chaoticchaos-xx: Same Predacon Sister Just A Different Profile. XD
:iconredwingedduck: My Hockey Loving Sister.
:iconconrad2: My Nemesis Brother.
:iconmarkellbarnes360: My Wildcard of a Brother.
:iconjack-dev99: My Crazy Godlike Shapshifting Brother.
:iconsteeven7620: The Silent Poster Maker of The Pack.
:iconshizurou: The Other Friend of The Pack.
:iconmrvideo-vidman: The Render Maker of The Pack.
:icondigital-silvereyes: My Multifandom Loving Brother.
:iconfail-seeker: My Big Bodyguard Werewolf Brother.
:iconvenomsorcerer: My Brother Who Always Challenges me for Title of Alpha.
:iconmaxtheboss2: My Other Awesome Brother.
:iconz-shock: My Fellow Guardian and Protector of The Universe and Brother in Arms.
:iconbuu-dbz: The Pack's Resident Majin.
:icongodofthechallenge: My Other Awesome Brother.
:iconshadowknight49: My Bladesman Brother.
:icondragongladi8or: My Funny Brother.
:iconice-wolfman-5567: My Cryomancer Wolf Brother,
:iconrvrwalker: The Cousin Who sits in The Corner at Family Reunions.
:iconcinnamoncremefox: My Artistic Fox Brother.
:icontexpool: My Other Awesome Cousin.
:iconjefimusprime: My Mighty Grizzly Brother and The Leader of P.R.O.T.E.C.H.T
:iconalphacrystal: My Mobian Crystal Gem Sister.
:iconcybermonkeylord: My Cybernetic Lord of Monkeys Brother.
:iconsaiyan-niko: My Little Saiyan Sister.
:iconmachodionysus14: My Badass Wolf Dragon Brother.
:iconhoodrules1990: My Older Brother.
:iconthe-nemian-lion: My Nemian Lion Brother.
:iconzoeycoldcuts: My Awesome FNAF Sister.
:iconmurlocoverlord: My Great Critter Brother.


Pairings I love and Support. :D

Avengers Stamp - Captain America by The-GreenGoblin+MARVEL Black Widow + Explosion Stamp by TwilightProwlerSuperman Stamp by XxStarsK+Stamp: BvS - Wonder Woman by TMNT-Raph-fan
checking out Broly stamp by candle-earth+Scarlet Witch Stamp by SenaIzumiOverwatch Soldier76 by SamThePenetrator+Overwatch Mercy by SamThePenetrator
Sakuyamon by Marlenesstamps+Lucario by KibokuGodzilla Stamp 8 by Hellblaze+Korra Stamp by daughterofthestars
Fairy tail stampx3 natsu by HavickArt+Erza Scarlet stamp by YuikoHeartlessSora Stamp by SoraRoyals77+Kairi stamp by Icia11
Beast Boy Stamp by SkyeStamps+Raven Stamp by SkyeStampsHarry Potter - Harry Fan by phoenixtsukino+Harry Potter - Hermione Fan by phoenixtsukino
Godzilla Fan Stamp by The493Darkrai+Wikizilla - Mothra Fan Stamp by The493DarkraiDante Stamp by SilentImagery+FF XIII-2 - Gunblade by whatever-kathryn
Goku Ssj 4 Stamp by Evil-Black-Sparx-77+Sailor Moon Crystal Henshin Stamp by uiopuiopNaruto Stamp by NarutoSecretHope+Stamp: Haruno Sakura by sirbartonslady
Stamp Pegasus Seiya by GueparddeFeu+Stamp Ophiuchus Shaina by GueparddeFeuLuffy Stamp by Ibu-ki+nico robin stamp by ashleighvestia
Eren stamp by Superpluplush+Annie Leonhart stamp by LadyEmpathyRengar Night Hunter  Stamp Lol by SamThePenetrator+Nidalee Headhunter  Stamp Lol by SamThePenetrator
Jin Stamp by UltimaArrow+Nina Stamp by UltimaArrowSFV hot Ryu  stamp by SamThePenetrator+Love for Chun-Li by KeungLee
Ryu Hyabusa - I'm a Fighter Stamp by SnowTheWinterKitsune+Momiji - I'm A Fighter Stamp by SnowTheWinterKitsuneTaki Stamp by CelestialZodiac+Zero Fan Stamp by Evetsu
Siegfried Stamp by CelestialZodiac+Sophitia Stamp by CelestialZodiacZwei Stamp by CelestialZodiac+Viola Stamp by CelestialZodiac
I love Aang Stamp by patronustrip+I love Katara Stamp by patronustripCloud Strife Stamp by Fyi-Sus+Tifa Lockhart stamp by MonsterOfStorms
Vegeta pissed stamp by Dbzbabe+Bulma Stamp by angelbebop8Hakumen stamp by WintersWhite+League of Legends: Leona Stamp by immature-giraffe
Future Trunks Fan Stamp by xavs-stamps+Power Girl Stamp by childofwhitestormkaboooom by someth1ngw1cked+MARVEL Sif Stamp by TwilightProwler
18 stamp by pan-kt+Mystic Gohan Stamp by FuriaelOverwatch Tracer Stamp by Ru-x+Scout stamp by Superpluplush
The Flash - Stamp by gigantomanisch+Supergirl stamp by AnaFrostBatgirl Barbara Gordon Stamp by Calaval+Nightwing by BlondeShadow
Sally Acorn Stamp by SingerSky+Sonic the Hedgehog (Chronicles) Stamp by NatakiroZac Stamp by Dweynie+Riven Redeemed  Stamp Lol by SamThePenetrator
Katarina Project LoL stamp by SamThePenetrator+Garen Dreadknight  Stamp Lol by SamThePenetratorEmma Swan Stamp by umbras-et-lumina+Once Upon A Time Stamp: Captain Hook/Killian Jones by FlyingPrincess
Sub-Zero Fan Stamp by Kibikayuki+Once Upon A Time Stamp: Elsa by FlyingPrincessScorpion Fan Stamp by Kibikayuki+Mileena stamp  #02 by Weskervit789
Marvel Cover Art Iron Fist Stamp by dA--bogeyman+Jade stamp by Weskervit789jill spreads the disease by HavokPanda+chris spreads the disease by HavokPanda
MLP: Spike stamp by DivineSpiritual+:Stamp: Rarity Unicorn by DraconemIgnisAsh Ketchum by Cathines-Stamps+Serena Stamp by Howie62
LoZ Link Stamp by SweetCandyCupkake+i heart midna stamp by Lordx0xChocolateStamps - TFRID Optimus Prime by WolfCreeker+TF: Elita-One Stamp by ShadowHachia
TFP Arcee Stamp by LadyEmpathy+Jack Darby Stamp by LinarielStamps - TFRID Windblade by WolfCreeker+TF AOE Stamp: Grimlock by TMNT-Raph-fan
Stamps - TFRID Bumblebee by WolfCreeker+Stamps - TFRID Strongarm by WolfCreekerAhsoka Tano Stamp by Chrisily+Captain Rex Stamp by Tipsutora
White Ranger + Saba Stamp by laprasking+[MMPR] Kimberly Hart Stamp by GasaraStamp: Spider-Man by RojoRamos+Spider-Gwen Stamp by Novasca
Ironhide stamp lol by 00X181-033-4-9953XX3+RoTF Chromia stamp by Imber-NoctisBleach: Ichigo stamp oo1 by Kaze-yo+Espada Stamp - Halibel by MissBezz
Bleach: Toshiro stamp oo1 by Kaze-yo+rangiku matsumoto stamp by NaruHinauntiltheend2Guardians Of The Galaxy:  Star Lord by DIA-TLOA+Guardians of the Galaxy Stamp - Gamora by Black2WhiteMystery
Guardians Of The Galaxy:  Rocket Racoon by DIA-TLOA+Xena: Warrior Princess Stamp by deppMegaman X Stamp by depp+Alia Stamp by depp
Jon Snow Stamp by ElectricBoomWolf+Daenerys Targaryen [GameOfThrones] by NexeriJake Muller stamp by Claire-Revelations+Sherry Birkin by HeOmaism
Leon Kennedy by HeOmaism+Helena Harper by HeOmaismOne Punch Man Stamp 1 by katnel88+Senritsu No Tatsumaki stamp by xIbukiGoth
REQ: YGO5D Stamp: Yusei Opening by xStormyChaos+Akiza Stamp 9 by GoddessCureMysticGuardians of the Galaxy Stamp - Groot by Black2WhiteMystery+Poison Ivy Fan Stamp by RiniWonderland
Deadpool Stamp by aubrytheodd by marvel-fans+Harley Quinn Stamp by CalavalVenom Stamp by vampire-genocide+The Huntress by AnaFrost
DC: Deathstroke Stamp by ShadowHachia+Marvel Cover Art Mockingbird Stamp by dA--bogeymanBushido Batman Stamp by Howie62+Catwoman Stamp by Howie62
Vegito Born Stamp by OrangeGBA+Palutena SSB4 Stamp by JPMD64Buffy Stamp by Racoon-Boy+BtVS stamps: Xander by Severka
Angel Stamp by poserfan+BtVS stamps: Faith by SeverkaSuper Shadow STamp by ColleenekatStamps+X-23 Laura Kinney X-Men Stamp by dA--bogeyman
Undertale Papyrus Stamp by xPeridotx+Undertale Undyne Stamp by xPeridotxHuntik_Lok Lambert Stamp by ReiAndSanzo+Huntik_Sophie Casterwill Stamp by ReiAndSanzo
Huntik_Dante Vale Stamp by ReiAndSanzo+Huntik_Zhalia Moon Stamp by ReiAndSanzoFox McCloud Stamp by GameAndWill+Krystal Stamp by SoraRoyals77
Ike Returns Stamp by GameAndWill+Zelda Returns to Smash Bros Stamp by GameAndWillPrimal Carnage Tyrannosaurus Rex T-Rex Stamp by Acro-Sethya+Rexy Fan by Obsianas
League of Legends: Volibear Stamp [GIF] by immature-giraffe+Ahri Stamp by KawaiiEevee-chanTMNT 2012 Karai Miwa- Stamp by XxMoonlight-1-WishxX+Leonardo 2012 stamp by SA948-Stamps
Bowser stamp by koshechkazlatovlaska+Peach Stamp by Mrs-MendozaSamus Aran Stamp by Ultrathefox+Master Chief Stamp by QuiGonJinn007


Other Stamps and Buttons:

DBZ animated icon - Brolly 001 by hanaktDBZ animated icon - Brolly 002 by hanaktBardock gif by KisaraAkiRyuAkuma Charge by NocturneOfHisRequiemRyu's Hadouken by NocturneOfHisRequiem


Quotes I like.

:iconcaptainamericaplz: "When the mob and the press and the whole world tell you to move, your job is to plant yourself like a tree by the river of truth, and tell the whole world "No, You Move."

:iconadamsavageplz: "I reject your reality and substitute my own."

:icongogetaplz: "Every Force you create has an echo, your own bad energy will be your undoing."

:iconyoshimitsuplz: "Those Without Courage Oppress The Weak."

"A knight is sworn to valour,
His heart knows only virtue,
His blade defends the helpless,
His might upholds the weak,
His word speaks only truth,
His wrath undoes the wicked."

:iconwolfblade111: "Don't Trust Anyone Completely."

:iconbrolyplz: "Scum is Scum After All."

:icondocbrownplz: "Roads? Where we're going we don't need, Roads."

:iconbrolyplz: "You are all talk and no action, a true piece of Trash."

:iconcaptainamericaplz: "You get hurt, hurt 'em back. You get killed... walk it off. "

:iconredlanternplz: "With blood and rage of crimson red,

Ripped from a corpse so freshly dead,

Together with our hellish hate,

We'll burn you all--that is your fate!"

:iconbluelanternplz: "In fearful day, in raging night,

With strong hearts full, our souls ignite.

When all seems lost in the War of Light,

Look to the stars, for hope burns bright!"

:icongreenlanternplz: "In brightest day, in blackest night,

No evil shall escape my sight.

Let those who worship evil's might

Beware my power--Green Lantern's light!"

:iconyellowlanternplz: "In blackest day, in brightest night,

Beware your fears made into light.

Let those who try to stop what's right

Burn like my power Sinestro's might!"

Star Sapphires Oath: "For hearts long lost and full of fright,

For those alone in Blackest Night.

Accept our ring and join our fight,

Love conquers all with violet light!"

My Mom: Do what you love. Ignore what everyone else thinks.

This isn't a Quote but song Lyrics from The Band Clawfinger which I find suit how I think about All Religions very Well.

"There's nothing a god can give to me that I can't give to myself I put my beliefs in the things I believe and a god can take care of himself There's not enough love in the world for me to think about wasting my time It's not that I don't believe at all but I don't need a heavenly sign I can achieve the things I need without getting down on my knees I can respect your religion but I don't want to pay your fees I don't want to hear you talk about the things you think that I need So don't help me back on my feet again until you can hear me plead Just look in the holy book of crooks and tell me what you can find All the rules and regulations made to manipulate your mind Don't pretend that you're blind, just open your mind and study historical times The bigger the loss The bigger the cost The bigger the cross And its crimes I don't believe in a god that I need to worship I don't believe that I need to get down on my knees I don't believe that a voice from above can help me I only believe in that I can see and the things I can achieve Whatever belief you belong to there's still always a reason to doubt And there's always another opinion as to what life is all about There's always a bigger dimension and a different point of view So I don't want to try to change you that decision is up to you Whatever your final choice is and however you chose to live You better be happy for what you can get and happy with what you can give There's only one thing to remember there is only one thing you can do And that is to do unto others as you'd have others do unto you Two sides two sides to every story Two stories more makes four new ones to chose Four sides four sides to every story Four stories more makes eight new ones to chose Eight sides eight sides to every story Eight stories more now which one should you chose Now which one can you use"

:iconkurganplz: "It's Better to Burn Out, Than Fade Away."

:iconvegetaplz: "Renegade For Life."

:iconkakashiplz: "In the ninja world, those who break the rules are scum, that's true, but those who abandon their friends are worse than scum."

:iconsupermanplz: "Dreams save us. Dreams lift us up and transform us. And on my soul, I swear...until my dream of a world where dignity, honor and justice becomes the reality we all share--I'll never stop fighting. Ever."

:iconwonderwomanplz: "An Amazon does not take kindly to having her home threatened."

:icondeathstrokeplz: "No more work for hire. From today, I'll decide who needs to die."

:iconvegetaplz: "First Immortality, Then The Bitches."

:iconvegetaplz: "Bitch I'm Adorable."

:iconvegetaplz: "Okay what The Hell am I sensing? Is that The Namekian? Is That ME!?! Is That Me Stronger Then Me!?! I'LL FUCKING KILL ME!!"


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